First Step Kids Montessori Preschool


Our Preschool Programs (Ages 2.5 to 6 Years Old)

At First Steps Kids Montessori Preschool, we nurture curious minds from ages 2.5 to 6, fostering a love for learning through hands-on Montessori experiences. Our dedicated educators create a supportive environment where each child’s unique potential is celebrated. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery, where every step is a leap towards a bright future.

Why Choose First Step Kids

Choosing First Steps Kids Montessori Preschool is a strategic investment in your child’s formative years. Our Montessori methodology fosters a love for learning and cultivates essential skills in children aged 2.5 to 6. At the heart of our approach is the belief that early education should be a joyous journey. Our dedicated educators create a nurturing environment where children develop independence, social acumen, and academic readiness.

Research consistently underscores the significance of Montessori education before kindergarten. This approach enhances cognitive and social development, providing a strong foundation for a child’s future success. By embracing the principles of child-centered exploration, we guide each child towards unlocking their unique potential.

At First Steps Kids, we celebrate individual strengths and believe that a confident, curious learner emerges when education is a delightful adventure. Our preschool is not just a learning space; it’s a stepping stone toward a lifetime of confident, independent discovery. Join us in shaping your child’s tomorrow by laying the groundwork for a bright future today. Discover the transformative power of Montessori learning at First Steps Kids Montessori Preschool.

First Step Kids Montessori Preschool

2.5- 4 Year Old Classes

Tuesdays / Thursdays
First Step Kids Montessori Preschool

4 - 6 Year Old Classes

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

The pre-school experience at First Step Kids Montessori Preschool comprises of play-based learning, curriculum-based learning, theme-based learning, and experiential learning. Our learning process is built around blocks of fun and learning play time, uninterrupted and focused academic skills, weekly themes such as seasons, animals, colors.

At First Step Kids Montessori Preschool, learning does not end in the classroom. Students get opportunities to make sense of academic and play based learning by making connections to the real world around them. Therefore, we base our curriculum on practical outcomes in and outside the classroom.  

Under the supervision of our dedicated and talented preschool staff, children spend their time in a fun learning environment. The learning environment that comprises of play based and hands-on activities equips them with experiences to enrich them with skills needed for elementary school.

First Step Kids Montessori Preschool strives to work with children at all stages of learning, and searching for ways to help children with learnings disabilities. with individual focus and care.

Preschool curriculum focuses on academic skills like Math, Literacy, Science, Creative arts, Social Skills. Early learners benefit from theme-based and experiential learning.  The learning activities in the preschool curriculum are comprised of: 

Arts & Crafts
Literacy Learning
Physical & Gross Motor Skills
Science & Exploration

Arts and crafts: drawing, painting, pottery, ceramics, woodwork, handwork, sewing, weaving, toy making, collages, ornaments, dot-to-dots, nature art, water art, origami, homemade jewellery, puppetry, felt art, and tape art 

Literacy: circle time, discussions, listening and talking, writing cards and letters, writing and reading poetry, myths, writing and listening to stories, fairy tales, drama, word searches, flash cards, fill-in-the-blanks, matching games, word cards, and cut-out alphabets 

Music: singing, drumming, musical instruments, music listening, music appreciation, music circles, musical chairs, national anthems, music and movement, rhyming, and lyrics 

Physical and gross motor: sports, dance, jumping, building blocks, designing structures and machines, outdoor exploration, mazes, balance beams, hiking, hopscotch, bean bag toss, and hide and seek 

Social: scavenger hunts, board games, group projects, follow the leader, Simon says, building forts, puzzles, card games, freeze dance, charades, field trips, nature walks, treasure hunt, I spy 

Science and exploration: colour and shape sorting, science experiments, cooking and food preparation, gardening, nature activities, dioramas, sequencing, map drawing, rock collecting

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