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We offer two different preschool programs (2.5 to 6 Years) and youth programs (7 to 17 Years)

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We take Covid-19 very seriously. Please visit out Covid page for more information and to download our procedures. 


To equip children and youth with adequate general knowledge that will enable them to fit into exceptional roles and careers in the future. To facilitate children and youth to independently make creative and excellent decisions that will give them an advantage among their generation. 


To be a leading learning institution for children and youth, know throughout the world. 


At First Step Kids, we offer excellent training and teachings in various fields, to ensure that the kids and youth are equipped with the best knowledge and skills. Our programs are scheduled with more social criteria in mind, to provide the full provision of requirements while growing up. The tools and techniques applied in teaching and training are designed efficiently in a flexible manner, to cater to the variety of adaptation styles for the students. Our curriculum is set to provide young kids and youth with broad academic fields and practical experience. We offer a friendly platform that enables kids and youth to make the best of themselves in a comfortable and save environment. 


Our teachers and non-teaching staff are highly experienced. They are willing to offer the best theoretical teachings and practical training and support in a more friendly nature than other facilities. At first Step Kids, we believe that every child is talented in their own way, and we aim to help them realize these talents and make the very best use of them. We also equip kids and youth with the essential life skills to live in the current and future dynamic world. Our environment is amiable in that the kids and youth consider it a second home. We have a quality playground and playing tools that ensure the kids keep fit, energetic and happy during their time with us. The health concern of the kids and youth at First Step Kids is paramount. We have qualified medical experts who make regular checks on health and respond immediately in case of an emergency.


The two programs offered at First Step Kids are our Pre-school Programs and Youth Programs. The Pre-school Program consists of children aged 2.5 to 6 years, and the Youth Programs consist of youths aged 7 to 17 years. The pre-school kids are provided with various learning forms such as play-based, curriculum-based, theme-based and experiential. This ensures that kids are taken through diverse learning platforms. The timetable and scheduling give the kids a taste of all kinds of fun and playtime, diligently analyzed academic skills, and interchangeably weekly themes.


At First Step Kids, young kids are treated with care, and our staff interacts with them with a motherly affection that makes them feel loved and appreciate the institution as their second home. Kids are taken through various types of games that enhance their mental growth and create room for intellectual knowledge. The games are held interchangeably as per the seasons; days of the week; and the current trends. We give kids a taste of the experience that makes them proud of their school and feel free to interact with one another with immediate intervention from the teachers and the non-teaching staff.




The pre-school experience at First Step Kids comprises of play-based learning, curriculum-based learning, theme-based learning, and experiential learning. Our learning process is built around blocks of fun and learning play time, uninterrupted and focused academic skills, weekly themes such as seasons, animals, colors.

Our youth programs share a responsibility to address the development of challenges and the needs of young persons and to guide them in adulthood. 

At first step kids we develop your leadership skills, workshops different activities available.

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